Opinion pieces written by the staff writers at Kitsune Magic.

Two fantastic instructional videos by David Ben based on magic by Dai Vernon and Ross Bertram.

A new business venture by Dan & Dave.

Troy Hooser's "Charming Chinese Challenge" is rightly considered a modern classic of coin magic. Now Lance Pierce has released a refined version of the trick called "Recharmed, I'm Sure".

Read about the new magic book by Doug Edwards called Nukes.

Find out how Tenyo are helping to encourage girls to take up magic as a hobby.

There is a distinct lack of female close-up magicians in the world. Why is this an issue we should worry about, and what can we do about the under representation of women in magic?

Why do so many magicians suck at shuffling? Read this article to find why I think this is a problem.

Luke Dancy and David Regal have released a new DVD called "DST", which looks very, very good. In this brief article, I'll take a quick look at the content of the DVD.